Philadelphia Craigslist Classifieds

Remember when the classifieds section of your local newspaper used to be called the want ads? I remember my dad reading the newspaper especially on Sunday mornings and he used to spend an hour of so going through the old want ads. And when he was done it was my turn, and I always used to like to look at he cars section and see if there was anything really great, like a 1969 Camaro or some such hot rod for sale.

Those days are long gone as the newspaper classifieds or “want ads” have gone away pretty much because you can look up just about anything these days online. But of course the biggest reason we have a little to non existent newspaper classifieds section is because of none other than Craigslist. If you didn’t know it, newspapers absolutely hate Craigslist classifieds. Why? Because it took away a major source of their revenue and that is partly why they are shrinking.

What are the classifieds sections of the newspapers around the Philadelphia looking like these days. Pretty small aren’t they? That’s because the Philadelphia Craigslist classifieds are a huge force today and one of the most frequented of all of the CL list of ad sites. Literally tens of thousands if people visit Craigs List in Philly every day looking for all those things I used to look for when my dad got through looking at the Sunday mornings paper.

And the cars and trucks section of the Philly CL site is a great place to look through just as it was back when I was looking for those 69 Chevy Camaro hot rods (only a 69 Camaro these days would set you back probably $30,000 minimum). And what’s great about the classifieds on Craigslist is that you can check most of them out with pictures and that would have cost you a fortune back in 1976, but today because of sites like Craigslist and Backpage you can put out great looking ads in the want ads for nothing.

It just isn’t like it used to be, but don’t fret for the old newspaper style ads becaues progress never stops. CL may have put a few newspapers on their back heels and taken some money away from the big guys, but that’s just the way of progress. The critics of the horseless carriage (cars) are silent today because the buggy maker business slowly faded into non existence, just as many newspapers will eventually.

Enjoy shopping on the Philadelphia Craigslist Classifieds and see if you can find a classic 69 Camaro for me, will ya?

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