Philadelphia Craigslist Classifieds

Remember when the classifieds section of your local newspaper used to be called the want ads? I remember my dad reading the newspaper especially on Sunday mornings and he used to spend an hour of so going through the old want ads. And when he was done it was my turn, and I always used to like to look at he cars section and see if there was anything really great, like a 1969 Camaro or some such hot rod for sale.

Those days are long gone as the newspaper classifieds or “want ads” have gone away pretty much because you can look up just about anything these days online. But of course the biggest reason we have a little to non existent newspaper classifieds section is because of none other than Craigslist. If you didn’t know it, newspapers absolutely hate Craigslist classifieds. Why? Because it took away a major source of their revenue and that is partly why they are shrinking.

What are the classifieds sections of the newspapers around the Philadelphia looking like these days. Pretty small aren’t they? That’s because the Philadelphia Craigslist classifieds are a huge force today and one of the most frequented of all of the CL list of ad sites. Literally tens of thousands if people visit Craigs List in Philly every day looking for all those things I used to look for when my dad got through looking at the Sunday mornings paper.

And the cars and trucks section of the Philly CL site is a great place to look through just as it was back when I was looking for those 69 Chevy Camaro hot rods (only a 69 Camaro these days would set you back probably $30,000 minimum). And what’s great about the classifieds on Craigslist is that you can check most of them out with pictures and that would have cost you a fortune back in 1976, but today because of sites like Craigslist and Backpage you can put out great looking ads in the want ads for nothing.

It just isn’t like it used to be, but don’t fret for the old newspaper style ads becaues progress never stops. CL may have put a few newspapers on their back heels and taken some money away from the big guys, but that’s just the way of progress. The critics of the horseless carriage (cars) are silent today because the buggy maker business slowly faded into non existence, just as many newspapers will eventually.

Enjoy shopping on the Philadelphia Craigslist Classifieds and see if you can find a classic 69 Camaro for me, will ya?

Craigslist Philadelphia

The city of Philadelphia has a bustling population of more than 1.4 million people (that’s the 5th most populated city in the United States, but I’m sure you all know that by now) and the Craigslist Philadelphia classifieds website has plenty of ads and incredible bargains to suit just about everybody in the city.

There are an absolute ton of things that you can find and do with Craigslist in Philly. There are over 30 sections of things for sale. Whether you are into antiques, cars and trucks, furniture or just about anything else you might find at a Walmart, you can probably find it in the for sale category. Need housing? CL has you covered as well whether you need an apartment, house or commercial property to buy or rent or are looking for that perfect vacation getaway that’s near the Philadelphia area you can find some great vacation rentals on Craigslist.

And if you need someone to help you with your taxes (yep, that time of year is coming up again soon) or fix your computer, or your car, or help you move you furniture from one apartment to the next, or help you repair something around the house, you can find them in the Service section featuring 20 categories that cover just about everything.

And if you just love to post and discuss just about anything with other people, then there are 75 forums on Craigslist Philadelphia to talk about almost every topic in the world with other people from around the country and around the greater Philly area. If you need advice on cars, or food, or money or want to pipe in on the political discussions of the day and endless more topics you can find someone discussing it on the CL forums.

Of course there is also the famous Craigslist jobs section as well with more than 30 categories of jobs for just about any paying gig you can imagine. Really, if you need a job in the Philadelphia area, it would do you good to check out the jobs section because it’s better than most paid job sites.

Anyway, stop wasting your time with the newspaper classifieds because they are completely old new and get on Craigslist Philadelphia classifieds to find just about anything you need. If it’s worth finding and worth shopping for, it will be online in the CL classifieds. Have fun.

Craigslist Philadelphia Jobs

While the unemployment rate in all of the state of Pennsylvania is currently around 8.1%, the unemployment rate for just the city of Philadelphia is an astounding 2.5 percentage points higher at 10.6%. That is where Craigslist Philadelphia jobs comes in as a great place to find employment if you are either out of work or just need to find a better job.

Many people look to traditional job search sites such as CareerBuilder, or Indeed to find new work, but they completely overlook the thousands of jobs waiting and posted at the Craigslist Philadelphia jobs site. I mean there are more than 30 categories of jobs there and just about something for anyone who needs employment at any skill level.

Just perusing the healthcare jobs section you will see hundreds of positions open at any given time. In fact right now there are several hundred postings for every kind of medical position you can think of from surgical scrub techs to registered nurses to certified athletic trainers. Just think about it, if you aren’t trained in this field, you should be because people will always be getting sick and some will also always want to be getting into shape so there’s an endless opportunity there that will never go away.

There are also a lot of positions open in the education field as well including positions open in elementary education, college level instruction, tutoring and even bus drivers are needed. I’m not quite sure how bus drivers fits into education other than the fact that someone needs to get kids to school. No matter, if you know how to drive a bus, there are positions open in the city of Philadelphia right now for you.

Food, beverage and hospitality is also a section of Craigslist Philadelphia jobs that is filled with opportunities. Since the middle of December there have been more that 700 ads for jobs posted in this Caigslist section alone for all kinds of positions. This is another sector of the economy that just doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Hotels and restaurants are filled all the time almost everywhere you go and businesses need people to fill all those positions that are open.

Yes, the unemployment rate in Philadelphia is pretty darn high, but by using the multitude of free classified ads for all kinds of work, you should be able to find something at Craigslist Philadelphia jobs. Start looking and get a job soon. There are lots and lots of opportunities available.